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Service regardless of location

Everyone is welcome at HS Orka, regardless of their location.

Green, renewable energy

HS Orka creates and sells eco-friendly energy for homes, businesses, and vehicles.

Sustainable economy

The mission of HS Orka is to provide renewable resources to the economy and households in a variety of ways that are both efficient and sustainable. 

Our guiding principle is efficiency

We put a high priority on service flexibility and adapting to the needs of our customers. We are here to serve you.


Business sector

Diverse solutions for the business sector

HS Orka offers various solutions for the business community. We work closely with our partners and strive to serve them as best we can. The needs vary and our role is to simplify things so that businesses can concentrate on their core operations.

Certified green electricity throughout the country

We provide electricity to homes across the country, with a focus on low prices and personalized service. In the last fourteen years, we have topped the Icelandic satisfaction survey twelve times.

  • We sell electricity to homes and businesses across the country.

  • We place a strong emphasis on providing sound advice, excellent service, and competitive prices.

  • Our guiding principle is to adapt to customer needs and provide flexible service.

  • It is free to change your electricity provider, and it is a simple and quick process.

Can we be of assistance?

Contact HS Orka and we will assist you in any way we can.