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The companies in the Resource Park

The resource park that has been built up near HS Orka's geothermal power plant in Suðurnes is unique in the world, heralds a new era, new thinking and encourages even further development of increased and improved utilization of what comes from geothermal power plants.

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HS Orka

The mission of HS Orka is to serve the economy and households by generating and selling environmentally friendly energy and other products in a sustainable manner for the benefit of the customer and society.
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HS Veitur

The company distributes electricity, hot water and groundwater and operates in four areas; Suðurnes, Hafnafjörður, Árborg, and the Westman Islands. As a result, the company provides important basic services to a large portion of the country's southern and southwestern regions. Around 96 people work for the firm.
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Northern Light Inn

Northern Light Inn is a good example of a tourism company that uses natural resources as well as resource streams from HS Orka's geothermal power plant.
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Blue Lagoon Spa

The Blue Lagoon is a one-of-a-kind example of geothermal energy's multi-use and long-term sustainability, as well as a good example of how natural resources can be used to create value.
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Stolt Sea Farm Iceland

The aquaculture company Stolt Sea Farm Iceland, which was founded in 2012, owns and operates high-tech aquaculture in Reykjanes close to HS Orka's geothermal power plant.
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Blue Lagoon Clinic

The Blue Lagoon makes an effort to manage the manufacturing of its’ skincare products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. It's worth noting that the Blue Lagoon uses only locally sourced raw materials and has developed environmentally friendly processing methods for its raw materials.
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Haustak og Laugafiskur

Haustak and Laugafiskur are located near HS Orka's geothermal plant in Reykjanes. The companies play a major role in the full utilization of seafood that Icelanders are known for, both domestically and abroad.
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Carbon Recycling Int.

The Carbon Recycling Int. Plant, which uses the different resource streams of the geothermal power plant in Svartsengi to produce renewable methanol on an industrial scale, is the only one of its kind in the world.
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ORF Genetics

The company produces and sells growth factors for medical research and skin care products, relying on a proprietary genetic engineering process that allows growth factors and other proteins to be produced in barley.
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Blue Lagoon Research Center

The Blue Lagoon is a pioneer in the cultivation of algae in Iceland, but the company has been doing so for 20 years. The Blue Lagoon took a significant step forward in 2012 when it began using CO2-rich geothermal gas from HS Orka's geothermal power plant for algae cultivation.