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Brú Power Plant

The power plant has had a positive impact on the community of Bláskógabygg, as it has improved the security of electricity supply in neighbouring areas.

  • Installed capacity

    9,9 MWe

    Installed capacity of Brú Power Plant is 9,9 MWe

  • Annual capacity

    82,5 GWh

    The annual production capacity 82,5 GWh

Brúarvirkjun Stöðvarhús 1

Tungufljót originates from Haukadalsheiði and flows into Hvítá by the farm Bræðratungu.

HS Orka plans to build a run-of-river power plant in the upper part of Tungufljót in Biskupstungur in the part of the river that flows between the lands Haukadalur II and Brú above the main road to Gullfoss.

The scope of Brúarvirkjun is relatively small and the location is suitable in terms of visual impact. The main dam would lie across the channel of Tungufljót just above the confluence of the Stóra-Grjótá river and from there the river would be led in a 1700 meter long underground headrace tunnel to the power station building.